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The blog's subtitle is "cute makes right", and there's a whole lot that is right about the art of Sixten, who also blogs about anime and related stuffs when not creating pages of one of the most adorable manga I've seen online in awhile. Check it out for artwork that is both technically capable and positively adorable.

- Heisei Democracy

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News and works from House of Sixten. No longer updated.

Sweet Home Chicago
Summer 2017

At the Midway Airport, Akagi teaches Ryujo and Setsuko the proper way to tour the Windy City.
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Ryujo and the Admiral
Winter 2017

Ryujo and Setsuko meet the one and only Admiral of the Basketball Court, David Robinson.
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Use Your Illusion
Spring 2014

Starring Reisen as an overworked foreigner with a worker's visa, Youmu as the Gensokyo native who offers to give her citizenship through marriage, and Sanae as the goddess who helps them create a convincing illusion of being in love.
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Autumn Children
Spring 2013

Shizuha is the weakest goddess in Gensokyo - with nothing but the ability to change the color of leaves - and is jealous of her sister Minoriko's greater power and prestige. How can Shizuha defeat the demon of envy?
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Fairy Ring
Fall 2011

Because of the fairy Cirno's cruelty to frogs, it would take a miracle for her to be friends with the frog goddess Suwako. Fortunately, when gods are involved, miracles are easier to come by.
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Lotus Cobra is Evil
Most Magic the Gathering players think Lotus Cobra is good. They are wrong.
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Miao Diary
A young illustrator meets the author he has been collaborating with online in person for the first time - and she turns out to be a twintailed tsundere catgirl.
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